Polish Film in Poster Art 20th November 2006 19.00 Hours

20th November 2006 ( Monday ) 19.00 Hours

Polish Film in Poster Art

This year’s NURT will be accompanied by a film poster art exhibition prepared by Janusz Detka, an academic at the Świętokrzyska Academy who has been collecting posters for over 20 years now. As 2006 sees the 110th anniversary of the Polish cinema, the exhibition will include posters that have been promoting Polish films for the past 60 years – starting from the first post-war films until present. The author of the exhibition chose a few dozens of works of Polish graphic artists out of his collection of about 1000 posters. They will remind what the Polish Poster School was (especially in 60s and 70s) until this visual art phenomenon was destroyed by a photographic approach of American poster art. The posters were chosen to include not only the most outstanding visual artists (Roman Cieślewicz, Jan Młodożeniec, Franciszek Starowieyski, Jan Lenica, Eryk Lipiński, Andrzej Krajewski, Andrzej Pągowski, Wiesław Wałkuski, Rosław Szaybo etc.), but also the most popular films (e.g. Ash and Diamond, Eroica, Promised Land, Illuminations, Our Folks, Pharaoh, Mother Joanna of Angels, Man of Marble), and finally the posters that became widely known icons, such as Trepkowski’s The Final Stage or Olbiński’s Man of Marble. A variety of styles and artistic solutions was intended to present the richness of Polish film poster art, despite a limited choice of works on display.

The exhibition is on display until 11th December 2006

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Kielce Cultural Center

Plac St. Moniuszki 2b

25-334 Kielce

woj. Świętokrzyskie