Paweł Kowalewski’s exhibition May 2021

On May 2021 we invite you to the opening of the Paweł Kowalewski exhibition
“Objects designed to stimulate the mind’s life, or the invisible eye of the soul”.

Paweł Kowalewski
Born on September 20, 1958 in Warsaw.

Painter, installation author, teacher, creator of advertisements.

In 1978-1983 he studied at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he obtained a diploma with distinction in the studio of Stefan Gierowski.

In 1982, together with Ryszard Grzyb, Jarosław Modzelewski, Włodzimierz Pawlak, Marek Sobczyk and Ryszard Woźniak, he founded the Gruppa artistic formation and since then actively participated in all of her exhibitions and actions, he was also a co-publisher of her magazine “Oh good already”. He has been working as an adjunct at the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw since 1985.

In 1991, he founded and still runs his own Communication Unlimited advertising agency.

Kowalewski’s works are varied in genres, including painting on canvas and on paper, cutouts, sculpture (small forms in modeling clay – display cases), installations and ready mades. Characteristic for his style are conceptual-dadaist comments with which the artist affixed his works. He used the exposed titles attached to the canvas as a counterpoint to the depicted reality, a space serving comments on current historical or political events. The latter, apart from general-existential issues, were an extremely important reference point for Kowalewski’s work. Several paintings from this trend became icons of 80’s painting (eg “Mon cheri bolsheviq”). From the 90s he created collage series in which he focused on the aesthetics of everyday life: “Exercises in aesthetics in which I grew up”, “Orientational signs that are necessary to avoid madness.”

Paweł Kowalewski lives and works in Warsaw.

Individual exhibitions:

“Woe”, studio of A.M. Sobczyk, Warsaw (with A. Nizurska-Sobczyk)
“Bad sign”, Small Gallery ZPAF, Warsaw (with Z. Kwiatkowski)
“Crazy Hammer”, Dziekanka Workshop, Warsaw

“Satan’s Day”, Galeria na Ostrowie, Wrocław

“Recital”, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warsaw
STK Łódź (with R. Grzyb and W. Pawlak)
Mandala Theater, Krakow

Paweł Sosnowski Gallery, Warsaw

“Everything and Immediately”, SARP Pavilion, Warsaw
Galerie Ariadne, Vienna (with Sz. Urbanski)

“Paintings a ready made”, Polish Culture Center, Prague

BWA, Sandomierz

“I was shot by Indians for the second time”, gallery appendix2, Warsaw


Group exhibitions:

“Chaos, Czlowiek, Absolut”, church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Warsaw

“Calculus”, Galeria Forma, Warsaw
“Against evil, against violence”, churches: Mistrzejowice, Podkowa Leśna, Zielonka
“Presence, Parish of Divine Mercy, Warsaw 1st Biennale
“Road and Truth”, church of St. Krzyża, Wroclaw
“Time of sadness, time of hope”, church of Mother of God of Sorrows, Poznań
1st Biennale of New Art, Zielona Góra

“Records 2”, BWA, Lublin
“Expression of the 80s”, BWA, Sopot
“Polish Pieta”, churches: Poznań, Wrocław
“Community Certificate”, Museum of the Archdiocese of Warsaw, Warsaw

“Mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ”, Museum of the Archdiocese of Warsaw, Warsaw
II Biennale “Road and Truth”, church of St. Krzyża, Wrocław (distinction)
“What’s up”, Former Norblin Factory, Warsaw

“In the image and likeness. New religious expression “, Former Norblin Factory, Warsaw

1989 “Feelings”, Dziekanka Gallery, Warsaw
“Russian German Pole ”, Former Norblin Factory, Warsaw

“Artists for Rzeczpospolita”, Studio Studio, Warsaw
“Summer salon”, National Museum, Krakow
“Kunst des 20 jahrhunderts aus Mittel und Osteuropa”, Dorotheum, Vienna

“Sketch for modern art galleries”, National Museum, Warsaw
“Well after the artist in miserable time”, Zachęta, Warsaw; National Museum, Krakow ”
Artistic confrontations”, Old Town Hall, Toruń

“Run of red people”, Zderzak Gallery, Krakow

“Children, Artists, whales and businessmen”, Program Gallery, Warsaw

“Warsaw – Moscow / Moscow – Warsaw 1900-2000”, Zachęta, Warsaw; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

“In Poland or Where?”, CCA, Warsaw

“Wit and Power of Judgment (Asteism in Poland)”, CCA, Warsaw
“Picture of Life”, Museum of the Origins of the Polish State, Gniezno
“Poisoned source. Contemporary Polish art in the post-Romantic landscape ”, National Museum, Szczecin; Latvian National Museum of Art.

Banana Republic. Expression of the 1980s, BWA Wałbrzych; National Museum, Szczecin; Wozownia Gallery, Toruń; Arsenal City Gallery, Poznań; CCA bathhouse, Gdańsk


“Gruppa” exhibitions and actions:

“Forest, mountain, and the cloud above the mountain”, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warsaw; BWA, Lublin

“Mother of the Prime Minister”, Teatr Kameralny, Warsaw
‘Woman escapes with butter’, Dziekanka Workshop, Warsaw

“Unveiling the secret of a traditional painting workshop”, Dziekanka Workshop, Warsaw (1st action)
“The Art of Admiration”, SHS Gallery, Warsaw
“How to help Kryszkowski?”, Strych, Łódź
“Only tonight darling”, BWA, Lublin
“Rypajamawłoszard Grzykomoparasite. Contribution to the lecture aka Go calculate”, Dziekanka Workshop, Warsaw (2nd action)
“Who can see this ray,” Galeria Galeria, Warsaw
“Gold of economics, incense of art, bitter myrrh of politics”, God’s Mercy Parish, Warsaw
“Song and Dance Ensemble of the Polish People’s Republic”, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warsaw (III action)

“Your holoto hero is boredom that brings misfortune,” Wielka 19 Gallery, Poznań
“Indecent mercy sings, rigid whirls spin”, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warsaw (4th action)

Gruppa Gruppen, Atrium Gallery, Stockholm
“Avanguardia polacca esposizione dell’arte independente polacca”, Centro Direzionale Colleoni, Agrate Brianza near Milan
“Kuda Gierman”, Gruppenkunswerke, Kassel

“Drawing on the spot”, Image Gallery, Poznań
“Artist in the temple of words about art”, Galeria na Ostrowie, Wrocław
“They make it difficult for animals to spit out items taken into the mouth”, Galeria Desa “Nowy Świat”, Warsaw
“Cathedral of Painting”, Dziekanka Gallery, Warsaw (V action)
“Ars aura prior”, Desa Gallery “Old Market”, Poznan
“Gruppa – documents”, Galeria Widok, Warsaw

“Lochy Manhattan”, Łódź
“Woyzeck. (Budy? Budy we have at our home) “, Studio Theater, Lodz

“Gruppa – 6 good mistakes”, Dziekanka Gallery, Warsaw

“Gruppa 1982-1991”, Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw

“We plead guilty, please forgive us, promise improvement”, Galeria Program, Warsaw



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