Around Master Antoine – An Exhbition accompanying the 20th Edition of Off Fashion May 18, 2018 at 18:00

“The Little Fiat and the Great Hat”, sang Zula Pogorzelska in the song “That’s Enough for Me”. And indeed, a well-chosen hairstyle and a beautiful hat are not dreams, but rather basic needs of many a woman. The history of this garment is inscribed in the history of fashion and even the history of mankind, since special headgear can already be seen in the Stone Age frescos. And then… Then the imagination of hairdressers, fashionists and designers was endless…

Regardless of the corner of the earth, the headgear not only offer protection from the rain or sun, but also became a symbol of social status and an expression of the need for beauty, just the same as the hairstyle. This trend would shift onto the stage. The headgear, wig or mask symbolized the nature of a protagonist and emphasized his or her traits. They emphasized beauty and made the beast more expressive and frightening. Stage designers and costume designers competed in their ideas for the most interesting, strange and beautiful hats, but they also recreated old patterns with reverence. Today, it is only in the theatre that the 18th century tricorn or bergere can be seen. And what they look like you will be able to see at the exhibition whose main character will be Antoni Patrplikowski, one of the most famous hairdressers in history, known as Antoine. The designs of Antoine’s hairstyles and hats will be accompanied by hats and stage headgear designed by other well-known designers and kept in the collection of the Theatre Museum in Warsaw.


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