Zofia Nasierowska 17th November 2008, 7 pm

17th November, 7 pm
Nurt 2008

Zofia Nasierowska, born in 1938, successfully started taking photographs when she was only 7, and in her teenage years she had the first exhibition. She has been a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) since 1956. She was also honoured with the Artiste FIAP title by the International Federation of Photographic Art. Zofia Nasierowska was taught by her father, the well-known photographer Eugeniusz Nasierowski, she also took a director of photography programme Faculty at the Łódź Film School. She participated in exhibitions in Poland and abroad and was awarded a lot of prestigious awards at international exhibitions in Budapest, Karlove Vary, Glasgow, London and Stockholm, to mention only a few. Zofia Nasierowska takes photographs of landscapes, makes photoreports, but she has always been passionate about portrait photography. She takes pictures of celebrities of the theatre, film, art and culture.

Zofia Nasierowska vigilantly watches her models. Her photographs revert to the good portrait school . Photographs are carefully lit, slightly idealizing a person in front of the lens, yet they never flatter them. Recently, it has been unfashionable and unwelcome to say that art is elegant. Yet, let’s stick to this “nostalgic” description. Zofia Nasierowska’s world is smart and has its charm and beauty.

The exhibition will run until 17th December 2008


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