The Last Empire: 20 years later 5th January 2007 19.00 Hours

5th January 2007 ( Friday) 19.00 Hours

The Last Empire: 20 years later – a vernissage of a Sergey Maximishin photographic exhibition

Sergey Maximishin was born in 1964 in a Crimean town of Kerch. He moved to Leningrad in 1982. In 1985-87, he served in the Russian Army and was a photographer at a Russian military base in Cuba. He graduated from the Leningrad University of Technology, Faculty of Physics. He worked at the Hermitage Museum in a technical expertise laboratory. He earned a Master’s degree in art press photography at the Sankt Petersburg University in 1998. In 1999-2003, he worked as a photographer for the Izviestia daily. He has been working for the Focus agency since 2003, and as a press photographer for many international press publications.

36 photos making up the exhibition create a contradicting picture of our powerful neighbour country. The exhibition is a cycle of works showing the contemporary power, which Russia is, with its problems and the moments of glory. Russia, a post Soviet empire, which is now a powerful country with rich and gorgeous Moscow and Sankt Petersburg, but also the poor East, where the collapse of a communist juggernaut brought about a great social stratification. Today’s Russia is too broad a topic to be described in an objective way, but each of these diametrically opposed presentations is a part of the truth about it.

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The exhibition is on display until 5th February 2007


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