Space Voyage. That Is How My Heaven Looks Like October 2016

October 2016 – Academy Off Fashion


Jaśmina Parkita was born in 1988 in Kielce. In 2008 – 2012, she studied Graphics at the Pedagogical University in Cracow. In 2014, she was conferred a degree with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Faculty of Fabrics and Clothing at Prof. Krystyna Czajkowska’s Printed Fabrics Studio.

Professionally and artistically, she deals with illustrations, graphic design, design of artistic and commercial prints to be applied on fabrics, design of clothes and costumes. She also paints and creates assemblages and small-scale installations.

She made her debut in 2008, contributing her illustrations to the first album of Czesław Śpiewa band. Released in Poland, the album was certified double platinum, and Jaśmina understood this was what she wanted to do. Ever since, she has been a steady collaborator of Mystic Production Records, having created album arts for such artists as Artur Andrus, happysad, Indios Bravos, Camero Cat as well as a few more for Czesław Śpiewa.

Since 2012, she and Norbert Serafin have run dzieńdobry clothing brand, characterised by expressive, original printing. She also creates posters, covers and illustrations to books and magazines.

She tried her hand at scenography, too, making her debut in the Warsaw Stodoła student concert venue, where she and Agnieszka Miluniec created the stage setting for Czesław Śpiewa concerts.

The exhibition called SPACE VOYAGE – That Is How My Heaven Looks Like” is a collection of the latest works from 2016, with a few exceptions only. The exhibition will show works made in a variety of techniques, including digital graphics, floodlit coffers, large-format fabrics, assemblages, ready-mades, costumes and masks.

The title of the exhibition has several meanings, the first being an intention to show how, according to me, Heaven literally looks like, that is life after life in a quite perverse way. The issue of a symbolic Heaven became close to me after an unexpected loss of my father in 2011. Since then, religious and mystic symbols have been appearing in my works. I also started to ask myself questions and to think about what happens after death, if there is anything, and if it is, how it looks like.

In my works presented in the SPACE VOYAGE exhibition, I also allude to my dreams, fascinations, affections, longings, I illustrate my deliberations on human relations, relationships and the family. Those works are very personal, yet encrypted, thus becoming non-obvious and universal. Their contents are hidden in symbols, single letters or words, drawings, which often appear very spontaneously. Emotions, feelings, experiences or even specific people are disguised as animals or objects.

The title of the exhibition also refers to what happens in one’s imagination, beyond our heads and everyday problems. Through my works, I want to get my beholders away from it all and show how many things happen behind it, inviting them to my mysterious, fabulous words, where eerie animals live and cosmic situations happen in unreal landscapes.

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