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March/April 2012
Zenon Windak

He was born in 1954. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 1976-1981 and earned a diploma in the chalcographic studio of Prof. Mieczysław Wejman and in painting under Prof. Jan Świderski in 1981.
He established his own art studio, Katowice 1992-1993.
He was awarded a doctoral degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 2001.
Since 2006, he has been running his own independent Art Gallery in Słowików, Poland. Apart from continuing to exhibit his own works, he is engaged in the arrangement of artists’ meetings, plein-air events and educational workshops for children and teenagers.
His works have been exhibited at individual and a few tens collective exhibitions that have brought him a number of awards.
1983    Winter Salon, Radom (award)
1986    12th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival, Szczecin (award)
1987    The J. Spychalski Contest, Poznań (honourable mention)
1988    14th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival, Szczecin (award)
1992    Piece of Art of the Year – The Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Katowice (award)
1997    Bielska Jesień Art Exhibition Office, Bielsko-Biała (mention)

Activities, projects

1980     FAMA Art Gallery, Kraków
1981    Pod Prasą Art Gallery, Katowice
1990    OJiKP Art Gallery, Bratislava
            Polish Modern Painting Festival
            Szczecin (accompanying exhibition)
1991    Art Exhibition Office, Katowice
1993    Gojowy Art Gallery, Krefeld (Germany)
1994    Victoria, Katowice
            Kameleon Art Gallery, Art Exhibition Office, Częstochowa
1996    Art Exhibition Office, Słupsk
1997    (Painting Exhibition) Chimera Art Gallery, Katowice
2003    Nad Potokiem Art Gallery
2005    Kamion
2006 -2007    Słowików Project
            Establishment of an own art studio in a building that used to house a school
2008    W POLU Art Gallery, Painting Retrospective (25 years of artistic career)
            Connection 31/05
            Bass Adjustment of a Sign (B. Mizerski)
2009    W POLU Art Gallery, Plus – Minus (March)
           ARTmeeting-Project – Educational project for children and adolescents (May-June)
           CONTEXTS  30/05
2010    INFOaxis, 14 March – 27 April,  W POLU Art Gallery
            TECHNOlirycs, 5 June – 10 July,  W POLU Art Gallery
            LAMPERIA, 12 July – 23 July,  W POLU Art Gallery
           CONFIGURATIONS,  04 September – 19 September, W POLU Art Gallery


1983    Winter Salon, Radom (award)
1985    Expressive Art Group, Katowice
1986    12th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival,
             Szczecin (award)
1987    J. Spychalski Contest, Poznań
             (honourable mention)
             Od Wtorku Group, Szczecin
             Od Wtorku Group, Bielsko-Biała
1988    14th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival,
             Szczecin (award)
             Arsenal, Warszawa
             Festival Winners Exhibition, Karlove Vary
1989    100 Colours, Polish Institute Art Gallery, Amsterdam
            Young Polish Painters, Berlin
            InterArt Fair, Poznań
            Critics about Us, Sopot
1990    Young Polish Painters, Vilecroze, France
            Interart Poznań
            Art Fair, Stuttgart
1991    Ars Polona, Düsseldorf
            Axis  Art Gallery, Katowice (2 times)
            Bielska Jesień, Art Exhibition Office, Bielsko-Biała
            Amay – Jehay, Belgium
1991/92    MOBILIS, Rossens, Switzerland
1992    Bielska Jesień, Art Exhibition Office, Bielsko-Biała
1992/93    Establishment of an own art studio, Katowice
1993    Piece of Art of the Year (1992), Katowice, award
1994    MINIme Art Chamber Music Festival
            Arts Centre, Bytom
            Bielska Jesień, Bielsko-Biała, Częstochowa
             Johannbau Dessau, Germany
1995    Bielska Jesień, Leszno, Opole
            Upper Silesia Modern Arts, Prague
1996    International Computer Fair,
            Hannover (accompanying exhibition)
1996    Drawing Exhibition, Arts Centre, Bytom
            16th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival
            Jury and Invited Guests (accompanying exhibition)
            Chimera Art Gallery, Katowice
1997    Bielska Jesień, Art Exhibition Office, Bielsko-Biała (mention)
1997    Jurajska Jesień, Painting plein-air events
1998    Kruszyna Plein-air workshops
            Nationwide plein-air event, Nowogard
            W drodze, Modena Studio
            Exhibition – auction held under the patronage of Ludgarda Buzek
1999    13 Muses Club, Szczecin, post plein-air event exhibition
2000    International Artistic Plein-air Events (films, music, painting)
             Exhibition – 13th Polish Modern Painting
             About Drawing, Concert Hall, Częstochowa, Academic Year Inauguration
             Different World Art Gallery, Tarnowskie Góry
2001    Municipal Cultural Centre, Zawiercie, February – March
            Baltic Art Gallery of Contemporary Art, Słupsk, May – June
2002    Gaude Mater Promotion and Culture Centre  
            Solvay Arts Centre, Kraków
            3rd Lower Silesia Visual Art Plein-air Events, Świeradów Zdrój
            Post plein-air event exhibition, Culture and Art Centre, Wroclaw, 2003
2003    Painting or Drawing Art Exhibition Office, Kielce
            Summer with the Muses Nowogard – Film, Music and Painting Festival
            Świeradów Zdrój – Painting Plein-air Workshops – post plein-air event exhibition
            25th Anniversary of Visual Arts at the Higher School of Fine Art, Częstochowa – Art Exhibition Office
2004    All-Poland Painting Plein-air Workshops, Świeradów Zdrój – post plein-air event exhibition
2005    International Painting Plein-air events, Rybokarty Palace
            Post plein-air event exhibition, Cultural Centre, Gryfice
            Hucisko, Orle Gniazdo, Jurajska Jesień International Plein-air events
2007    Rybokarty Palace, September, Nationwide Artistic Plein-air events
2008    Summer with the Muses,  Film, Music and Painting Festival, Nowogard
            Świeradów Zdrój, Plein-air events – Exhibition
            Miscellaneous Art Plein-air events, Tyrawa Solna
            The Jan Długosz Academy 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Częstochowa
2009    30th Anniversary of the Institute of Visual Arts, The Jan Długosz Academy
            Contemporary Art Gallery OPOLE
            30th Anniversary of the Institute of Visual Arts, The Jan Długosz Academy,
             House of Creative Communities, Kielce
             ASSOCIATIONS  17 – 27/07, J.Czerniawski, W. Mazanka, Cz. Tumielewicz, J. Walasek
             Z. Windak, Painting plein-air event, W POLU Art Gallery
2010    ASSOCIATIONS  16/07 – 25/07, W POLU Art Gallery
            Wojciech  Ćwiertniewicz, Stanisław Koba, Jacek Sroka, Zenon Windak
            Artistic plein-air events, Świeradów Zdrój,  PARK HOTEL  08/08 – 15/08
            Drago Juljus Prelog, Exhibition Organizer, W POLU Art Gallery

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