Michał Lach’s Pastel Painting Exhibition 11th December 2009 18:00

Michał Lach – 1979. Born in Kielce, where he lives and works.

Milestones in Art Education:
    2000 –  He graduated from the Public Upper Secondary School of General Education and Fine Arts in Kielce – specialisation track – Old painting and gilding techniques
    2000/01 – He was a student at the Świętokrzyska Academy and was doing a programme in Visual Arts Education
    2006 – He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław; specialization – Small Sculptural Forms under the supervision of Prof. Jacek Dworski.

Exhibitions :

    2002 – Exhibition of indoor paintings made while at the Academy of Fine Arts at Promont Pizzeria in Kielce
    2003 – Exhibition of indoor drawings made while at the Academy of Fine Arts at the 2 pokoje Pub
    2004 – Exhibition of indoor drawings at the Academy of Fine Arts of Wocław
    2004 – Participation in a painters, sculptors and ceramic artists’ En Plein Air event in Tarnogród
    2005  – Participation in International Foundry Workshops in Gdańsk
    2005   – Exhibition of works created during the Foundry Workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts of Wrocław
    2006   – Commendatory Award for a medal commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts of Wrocław
    2006  – Aquarelle painting showing a meeting of the Świętokrzyski Business Center Club
    2008   – Painting exhibition at the Tycjan Art Gallery in Kielce
    2008 and 2009 – Making a statue for the 2nd Golden Anteater Lublin Independent Film Gala

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