Marta Pajek exhibition Painting, Graphics, Film 22nd September 2006 19.00 Hours

22nd September 2006 (Friday) 19.00 Hours
a vernissage of a Marta Pajek exhibition Painting, Graphics, Film

One of theoreticians engaged in an analysis of a motif of a stranger present in the culture used a metaphor of a wardrobe with its door ajar. One should guess that it is inside that we hide what is denied, what is embarrassing – the Stranger. He is not a part of what is outside, but he never perceives himself as a separate being, neither is he perceived as such by the social environment. He cannot construe his own identity, as it is always conditioned by a look from outside of the wardrobe, echoing through a narrow cleft.
This is what Marta Pajek wants to tell us about in her realisations. Heroes of her works who participate in alternative worlds and dreams look at us through clefts of (un)realities. They seem to be perplexed, maybe even frightened with how easily we give up ourselves. Sensual reception of the reality is the basis Marta builds her works on. Economical use of words and gestures is additionally intensified by a nostalgic mood of ungrowing.

Marta Pajek, born in 1982 in Kielce , completed studies at the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and earned a degree in animated cartoon creation in 2005.

Admission free
The exhibition is on display until 16th October 2006


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