HANNA BANASZAK PHOTOGRAPHY “Weather Fragments” Vernissage Exhibition will be held on 5th April, 7.15 pm

m hanna banaszakHANNA BANASZAK


Weather Fragments

Vernissage Exhibition will be held on 5th April, 7.15 pm

I have been taking photographs for years. For a long time, I have pigeonholed my photographs until a friend of mine suggested that I should create a story out of some of my pictures. It was to be shown at the opening of the Documentary Film Festival in Szczecin. Initially, I hesitated but after I had reviewed by collection, I decided to meet the challenge. As I am not a pro in this field, I decided to present myself though the world of my photographically recorded observations, my poetry and little-known music. I decided to arrange the whole of it and call it Weather Fragments.

It’s hard to say what interests me most in photography. For many years, I have photographed everything that has raised my interest just at that moment. Most of the time, it was landscapes, then I was fascinated with the psychology of portrait and tiny, almost unnoticeable details. The whole world is one big frame for me. I break everything up into sectors. I have a small camera in my eyes. For the time being, I don’t use a digital camera. I enjoy searching for the true world of colours, without the assistance of computer image processing.

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