Exhibition of paintings of students of the Institute of Fine Arts, The Jan Kochanowski University Opening 12 July 2013, at 6.00 pm

m dyplomy2013By way of the painting exhibition 2013 Diploma Works, we wish to reinstate good practice of presenting the most interesting artistic works that originated within the specialisation track Painting and Graphics followed by students of the academic programme Art Education in the field of Visual Arts at the Institute of Fine Arts, The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

As early as this July, shortly after diploma examinations (we keep our fingers crossed!), the LIFT Modern Art Gallery will present substantially large painting cycles created by Paulina Domagała, Marcin Prus, Krzysztof Witkowski Soroczan, Małgorzata Śliwa and Karolina Zimny, the students who are preparing their diploma works under thee tutelage of Professor Małgorzata Bielecka. Let us mention that it is not the first time these young artists have been confronted face to face with an audience, as they have had some group exhibitions before. And they know emotions that accompany an individual exhibition and anxiety when an artist is expecting feedback. 2013 Diploma Works promises to show interesting paintings. We will present a few dozens of works grouped in authors’ cycles, making individual use of heritage of visual arts starting from reliable images of the world as it is perceived to works that are completely removed from the reality, taking up a form of logical structures that respect restrictions of a support medium or forming illusory spaces based on the simplest geometric forms.

Let us hope the exhibition 2013 Diplomas Works, apart from promoting young artists, will be a praise of painting and an initiative catering to the repute of the Institute of Fine Arts and also a successful attempt at leading a viewer into the world of imagination of young generation artists.

Małgorzata Bielecka

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