Diplomas 2019 Exhibition from April 5, 2019

We invite you to the vernissage of the Diplomas 2019 exhibition on April 5 at 18.00.

Diploma 2019 – is another exhibition of diploma theses of students of the Group of State Art Schools named after Józef Szermentowski in Kielce.

This year, 4 specializations from 6 taught at the School are presented.

As part of Traditional Painting and Gilding Techniques, copies of oil paintings on canvas were made, including those of Sandra Botticelli, Gustaw Klimt, Pieter Bruegel and Canaletto. There is also a lot of inspiration from Polish painting: Józef Szermentowski, Józef Brandt and a fragment of Panorama Racławicka. In addition, decorated utility forms are presented, such as a casket with a hand mirror, a mirror with a clock, a casket with enamel on a tin, a casket with a silver ornament with a comb and a fan.

Also in the Studio of Sculpting Techniques, students were inspired by the art of other artists. So formed; bas-relief in Janikowski limestone according to Alexander Munro, a wooden mirror with the silhouette of a woman according to Alfons Mucha and a bas-relief in linden wood according to the painting “Żurawie” by Józef Chełmoński. Own composition made of wood is also presented.

Theses from the specialty of Artistic Printing Techniques are mainly workshop graphics in linocut technique. The students created a variety of their own compositions, inspired by nature. Interesting is the Memory Game presented, with cards with floral motifs.

The final works were also created in the Artistic Furniture Studio – furniture inspired by forms of artistic craftsmanship of the interwar period, with a simple form and rung decoration, made in ash wood. This furniture consists of two sets: a table, a cabinet and two armchairs, while the other set is a table, two chairs and two armchairs.



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