Art Graphics Exhibition A Key to The Kingdom Vernissage - 4th February 2011 at 6.00 pm

Art Graphics Exhibition A Key to The Kingdom

4th February 2011 – 3rd March 2011

Vernissage – 4th February 2011 at 6.00 pm

Yoshiko Tsubouchi, a painter born in 1966 in Tokyo. She graduated from the Joshibi University of Art and Design. She is a member of the Japan Artists’ Association. Extremely visional and distinctive as they are, her graphics, exhibited in galleries all over the world, just to mention to the USA, Japan and Europe (Italy, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland), are often used as illustrations for children’s books. The artist brings us to a magic world as if from The One Thousand and One Nights or Jan Potocki’s books, where one travels by balloon, sailing ship or stagecoach. She is also fascinated by maps of the world and globes, yet rather than contemporary world atlases, her cartographic works are much like 19th century maps or drawings created by treasure hunters. They do not show road networks. Instead, her maps reproduce natural topography, and one can see hills, woods, and sailing ships travelling across the oceans.

The artist is well known for creating graphics and drawings intended for luxurious passenger cabins on cruise liners, no wonder a recurring motif is the ship and the map, presented  in a modern-age aesthetic approach, that she chooses as the principal element of composition or as a background. However, looking at another graphics and collages, one can easily forget that it is the art whose primary aim is to decorate rather than to express ideas or set up a barricade, deconstruct the reality and its messages. Surely, it is not me to express opinions what is the ultimate purpose of Yoshiko Tsubouchi’s creativity and what message she conveys in her graphics, but I must confess, I am absolutely enchanted with them.

Extremely charming is her graphic presenting a balloon monumentally flying over the Gothic towers of Bratislava, where the artist studied lithography, or a picture of a globe with a well-known caption Eppur si muove attributed to a great mathematician and philosopher Galileus (in her version the word eppure is written in the modern Italian). It is true, it does move, and Yoshiko Tsubouchi’s graphics showing various phases of the Moon show it clearly!

It’s worthwhile letting their lyric and precision seduce you and join the artist in her unusual journey you can make by land, air or sea. You will surely satisfy your imagination.

Anna J. Książek


    Joshibi University of Art and Desig, Tokyo
    Kurobe City Museum, Toyama
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles


    2002 – Traveling Solo Exhibition, Japan
    2003 – Traveling Solo Exhibition, Japan
    2004 – Contemporary Print Exhibition, Kurobe City Museum, Toyama
    2005 – Solo exhibition, Italy, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
    2006 – Mikulovsky Feminar, Czech Republic
    2008 – Solo exhibition, Embassy of Japan in Slovakia, Bratislava



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