“2010._” – Exhibition at the Neon Gallery in Wroclaw March 16, 2020

March 16 at 17.00 we invite you to the vernissage at the Neon Gallery and to the presentation of the profiles of the artists during the lecture and curatorial tour on March 17 at 13.00 in room 410 CSU and in the Neon Gallery on ul. Traugutta 19/21.

Free entrance.

“2010._” is an exhibition presenting the works of eleven artists and designers who studied together, and in 2010 and 2011 graduated from the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts in Eugeniusz Geppert in Wroclaw.

After a decade of individual creative activity, most of them meet again at the collective exhibition. In addition to the presentation of high-quality ceramics, painting and design, it is a sentimental journey and a return to the other thresholds of the Wroclaw Academy.

Individual artistic activity of each of them, in areas such as: artistic ceramics, design, painting and illustration painting, is a great success. The artists act independently on so-called “their own”. Many of them started their proprietary brands and ceramic workshops in Poland and abroad. They create and at the same time find themselves in the world of the global village and the requirements of today’s world, teach, run workshops, constantly develop their professional qualifications, and above all create their world in which they live.

With their works presented at the exhibition “2010._”, the artists directly and indirectly answer how many individual career and creative paths there are, and there is no single, right recipe for artistic and creative fulfillment and the success associated with it.

Curator Maria Joanna Juchnowska



Everyone knows ceramics, but I dare say that hardly anyone wonders what it really is. It combines the elements: the land in which the mineral is born, water: necessary for its plasticization, fire, forever fixing the form, and air, necessary to cool this form and finally finish it. It doesn’t happen by itself. The most important role in its formation is played by the artist / craftsman, who today marks his work with a smooth formulation: design by. Fortunately, because ceramics known since the dawn of human history have long remained anonymous. Present at all latitudes in its history, it has undergone a huge evolution – from typically utilitarian or ritual forms – to artistic ones, signed, not only fulfilling a specific function, but above all enjoying the eye, delighting with form, shape, and idea. One thing doesn’t change. It is the artist who chooses the type of ceramic material, decides how glazing, firing and decorating. Because centuries ago or nowadays, it is still man and his talent that give ceramics meaning, dimension, shape and destiny.

Contemporary ceramics could be spoken endlessly. Artists create functional and artistic things, use a variety of styles, create forms with non-obvious shapes, and unconventionally use ceramic raw materials. Today’s technologies give almost limitless possibilities: a glaze of glaze colors almost like a fairy tale, shiny and matt textures, incredible sizes and forms. Ceramic masterpieces are multiplied around the world, often of a utilitarian character, but there are also industrial works, surprising in their form, purpose or even use. It should not be forgotten that ceramics are ecological, which in today’s plastic-filled world is of great importance, not only for artistic values, but also for the quality of our lives.

At the exhibition, you will be able to see the different faces of contemporary ceramics, created by artists who want to celebrate their 10th anniversary in this way. I am grateful for inviting me to this project, because my adventure with art also began with ceramics. I am a graduate of the artistic ceramics of Kielce “Visual Arts” and although I have been organizing exhibitions at the “Winda” Gallery in the Kielce Culture Center which I run for many years, I still love fragile, delicate, unique forms that connect all elements.
Let this exhibition be a wonderful journey for you in the unique, spatial, surprising world of ceramics.

Curator Artur Wijata


The profiles of 11 artists will be presented by Maria Joanna Juchnowska – curator and originator of the exhibition “2010._”, the designer artist founder of the Mari JJ Design brand living and working in Oslo, Norway.

They will present their silhouettes during the presentation:
Katarzyna Anna Chrzanowska – artist, designer, founder of the KashQ brand works and lives and works in Trondheim, Norway.
Dorota Jędrusik – painter, interdisciplinary artist lives and works in Krakow, her works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.
Magdalena Łysiak – artist, designer, founder of the MLY Studio brand, undergoing doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.
Karolina Gorska – artist and designer founder of the Kina Ceramics brand lives and works in Oxford, United Kingdom.

The exhibition was created thanks to the cooperation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and curator Artur Wijata, manager of Galeria Winda at the Kielce Culture Center, in which she will be presented in 2021.



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