Exhibition Diploma 2020 “Plastyk” Kielce April 2020

On April 3, 2020, we invite you to the exhibition Diploma 2020 “Plastyk” Kielce.

The Diploma 2020 exhibition presents the works of students of the State Art Schools Group Józef Szermentowski in Kielce, made on such specialties as: Traditional Painting and Gilding Techniques, Artistic Fabric, Artistic Ceramics, Sculpting Techniques and Artistic Printing Techniques.

In the studio of Traditional Painting and Gilding Techniques, students made copies of the works of masters, among others according to the paintings of Leon Wyczółkowski, Teodor Axentowicz and Johannes Vermeer van Delf. The exhibition also features functional forms: a console clock and a casket with a brush, decorated with traditional goldsmith techniques – engraving, gilding and inlay of mother-of-pearl and moonstone.

Artistic fabric is represented by tapestry fabrics, made on frames and harness fabrics, made on specialized looms. In traditional forms, the students used original abstract compositions and experimental weaves of various materials. Traditional workshop with the issue of unique fabric combines spatial work, inspired by floral motifs.

Artistic Ceramics Studio shows usable forms. There are two tea sets, turned on a wheel, with a different inspiration: nature and Bauhaus style. In addition, you can see monumental spatial forms of vascular forms, constructed of clay patches.

Various materials and styles are also presented by works from the Studio of Sculpting Techniques. As part of the thesis, a gypsum head of general Kazimierz Sosnkowski was created, of a monumental character. Another work is abstract spatial forms composed of marble. Two works take up the animalistic theme: a bull connecting a form made with a chisel and casting in a part of the horns, and made of clay, typically chickens.

The Art Print Technician Workshop is represented by works made in the linocut technique. Student inspirations were individualized. These are the elements, the Chinese calendar, but also the work of outstanding artists – Stanisław Wyspiański and Józef Gielniak, considered the most important Polish graphic artist of the 20th century.

As every year, the diploma theses of the specialty are accompanied by works made under the subject Drawing and Painting. They are still life compositions of compositions or landscapes and drawing studies of the characters.

The exhibition will last until the end of April, 2020.


Opening Ours

Monday - Friday







Plac St. Moniuszki 2b

25-334 Kielce

woj. Świętokrzyskie